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Experience Counts

I’ve had the unique opportunity over my career that has spanned nearly 30 years to work in a number of leadership capacities, in multiple market segments both in the U.S. and abroad. My experience tells me that first comes individual development, both personally as well as professionally. Through that development, we then can partner to prioritize key initiatives, areas of team and company growth...and the fun part...to develop a continuum with constant challenges, review and growth. Whether you’re looking to analyze skills and define growth on a personal level; improve your team's ability to hire, recruit and retain key talent; prioritize key initiatives and strategies; develop executable action plans or partner to define and enact your companies culture, I can help.

Hinesight can assist in your organization’s growth and overall success:

1. Individual Attention

Customized individual professional and personal development planning and guidance
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2. Strategic Planning

Prioritization and implementation throughout your organization
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3. Management Development

Time management, developing a team development and expectation cadence
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4. Hiring, Recruiting and Retaining

Developing what your “best fit “ looks like
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5. Social

Building and maintaining your social media presence
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6. Determine Audience

Building a target market and account based touch programs with identifiable results
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7. Business Plans

Building an actionable business plan and situational analysis
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8. Performance Management

Including goal setting and expectation management
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9. Dashboard Management

Key analytics that can provide data to point your firm in the right direction
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Are You Ready

To Take

The Next Step?

I look forward to an introductory call with you and or your leadership team to review you and your company’s most urgent short-term and long-term challenges.  From there, we can determine if my skills and experiences are the right fit for you and your company and then design a customized coaching and mentoring plan that fits your objectives and priorities.

I look forward to working with you.  

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