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When creating Success, Experience Counts

The Hinesight Group has expanded now providing an even broader scope of mentoring and project support, fueling growth for organizations. This group has a combined 60 years of experience and expertise in CXO, COO, CMO, CFO, and Vice President capacities, both in the U.S. and abroad. Bringing transparency, meaningful, and ROI driven skills from a wide range of industries and market segment experience, the Hinesight team can assess your needs and provide leadership support and growth expertise for projects or for ongoing long-term business support.

Meet The Team

RJ Hines

RJ has close to 30 years of experience in various level C positions including CXO, CMO and COO roles from start-ups to multi- billion dollar organizations. He has experience in M&A, and multiple liquidity events. RJ will bring highly customized, and results driven mentoring whether to an individual or an entire leadership team.

Brett Linn

With expertise in level-C finance and accounting, Brett’s ability to build
and interpret business analytics help companies strategize and develop
successful growth plans. Brett’s background includes both new business
development and assessing legacy processes to find areas for improved ROI. Brett holds a Business Finance Degree from Millikin University.

Kristina Lee

Kristina brings level-C experience as a marketing and branding leader with
expertise in brand strategy, digital marketing, and communications. Her
goal working with firms is translating business vision into executable
strategies, drive ROI, increase brand awareness, and improve profitability. Kristina has an MBA in Marketing and an MA in Cultural Anthropology.

The Hinesight Group can assist in your organization’s growth and overall success:

1. Individual Attention

Customized individual professional and personal development planning and guidance
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2. Fractional Leadership

Fractional leadership offers critical advantages for your organization. Scale your business and optimize operations in a cost effective manner.
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3. Strategic Planning

Prioritization and implementation throughout your organization
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4. Digital Marketing, Social Media & Branding

From project based events, to a long term total social and website brand strategy, we have the knowledge to take your brand to the next level
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5. Finance and Accounting Support

From building sustainable financial goals, KPI’s, Dashboards and P&L navigation for greater stability  and success

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6. Lead Generation Campaign Strategies

Build quality multiple sequence campaigns that increase your top of mind with clients and prospects, and add MQL and SQL activity to your pipeline.

7. Management Development

Time management, developing a team development and expectation cadence
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8. Hiring, Recruiting and OnBoarding

Developing what your “best fit “ looks like
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9. Performance Management

Including goal setting and expectation management
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10. Business Planning and Dashboard Management

Key analytics that can provide data to point your firm in the right direction
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