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ProCloudSaaS is a technology and professional services organization with global reach having offices in Sydney, New Delhi, London, Dallas and Santiago. ProCloudSaaS partners with the most successful SaaS providers on the planet and deliveries advisory and migration services.

A relative start-up company when The Hinesight was engaged in October 2020 with the goal of assisting with the vision, planning and assist with the rapid growth of the business. At the time the company was a staff of 7, as of January 2021 the company now has 22 staff spread across the world.

The rapid expansion has brought its challenges. The Hinesight's experience in executive-level mentoring, leadership, operational excellence, customer engagement, marketing and sales operation have been the key to our success and our rapid expansion.

Shane Hannan -Founder and Managing Director, ProCloudSaas

Working with RJ not only changed the trajectory of our business, but equipped me to be a better business leader.  RJ possesses the business acumen necessary to quickly grasp the challenges related to revenue growth, and provided a strategic roadmap for how to set expectations and establish a culture of accountability at the leadership level and throughout the organization.

Thomas Kemp - Marketplace President

RJ is an intuitive, collaborative and compassionate leader with extensive experience that helped me successfully navigate multiple liquidity events. He takes a systematic approach to growth, operational efficiency and client service and he will bring real value to your organization if you leverage him as a trusted advisor and partner.

Carr Bettis, PhD
Serial successful entrepreneur
Current Chairman of AudioEye, Inc (NASDAQ: AEYE) and Digital Air Technologies

I know RJ well; we worked together to turn a 28 million dollar 319 person office equipment company around. The company was a mess, revenue had been flat for 3 years and operating income (OI) was below 1%, (.06 to be exact). It was a company on the road of slowly going out of business. This was the picture before RJ arrived to run the Sales organization. Within the 1st full year revenue had grown 18% and operating income had increased to 7%. Second year revenue grew an additional 14% and OI come in at 9.5%. Within the Alco family of similar companies (there were 51 of them) we won turn around office of the year 2 years running.

So what was the ingredient that RJ provided? If you have met him you know that his energy and happy, cheerful spirit is infectious. His positive attitude, winning spirit and terrific communication skills carry the day. But what makes him special is his creativity; his ability to look at an individual, an entire sales organization or a complicated operational process and improve its performance. I witnessed him accomplish hard things with a lite hand but strong focus and leadership.

If afforded the opportunity to work with RJ be sure and take it. You’ll compliment yourself on your decision.

Bill Watson

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